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Request question triple triad plugin the buddy forum So my request question is about tt how feasible is it to get a plugin to farm a tt over and over again also do we have tags in the bot for these Request question triple triad plugin the buddy forum.

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I looked at this briefly to try and bot it but it seemed quite difficult and i couldnt see a good reason to play the same guy many times due to him giving you the

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Tripletrihard v1 1 0 changelog added proper logic for chaos rule bot should perform eons better under the chaos rule now added additional logging

What's up guys so there's this dude on leviathan that has come in first place in the triple triad tournament every single week since the tournaments have first started.Mmominion the specified thread does not exist we help you win the game ffxiv bot gw2 bot and more products gw2minion ffxivminion here to help live chat

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