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Fanfiction on yato x yukine deviantart Fanfiction literature yato x reader soaked part 1 within the shroud of darkness only the glow of sky blue eyes could be seen focus yukine Fanfiction on yato x yukine deviantart.

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Yato x reader fanfiction yato x reader 3 6k 131 90 by moonlightstarlights dedicated to bittersweetprince yato looked at you confused but then smiled brightly

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Milord noragami yato x reader one shot everything okay you said to your little brother as you stood in the doorway of his room yes

Follow fav readers' opinions who cares by nobody spoke up until gintoki prodded the yato beneath the kotatsu while still reading his jump the reader's polls.Yato had always been afraid of hiyori forgetting him but what he didn't expect was yukine to forget about him instead someone had severed yukine's ties towards the

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